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The Island

About St Helena Island

St Helena is small Tropical Island of volcanic origin situated in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean. This British run island is a hidden gem, in fact one of the most remote places on earth.

St Helena was discovered on 21 May 1502 by the Portuguese.It was named after St Helena, the mother of Constantine the Great as the discovery fell on her birthday. Until today the Saints have marked 21 May as a Public Holiday and celebrate annually. It became a vital port of call strategically during the British Empire, this lasted only until the opening of the Suez Canal and the advent of steamships.

Due to St Helena’s remote location it was used as a place of exile for a number of key prisoners which play a role in our history. Some of these prisoners referred to are approximately 6000 boers, Chief Dinizulu who was captured by the British in 1890 and exiled to the island of St Helena and kept in captivity for 7 years for leading the Zulu army against the British, Bahraini Princes, and Napoleon French Military and political leader who died on St Helena Island on 05 May 1821.


St Helena comprises of rather small population, approximately 4200 people which amongst others consist of Government employees, planters, ex-soldiers serving in the local regiment Chinese and slaves of Madagascan, Asian and African descent).


English is St Helena’s first language, however, due to their descent of various nations, the language has evolved into a rather different way of speaking it, thus English speaking visitors may find it difficult to understand parts of the Saints dialect.

Currency and Banking

The St Helena Pound is used on the island which is fixed at parity with the British Pound Sterling, which is accepted on the island. The use of credit and debit cards on St Helena is limited.  Cash is the best form of making payments locally.

Crime is virtually non-existent.

Health Care

There is a smal well-equipped General Hospital, a Dental Surgery and a Community Clinic in Jamestown. Six rural health clinics around the island, which receive regular visits by the doctors, dentist and community nurses.


The most practiced religion on St Helena Island is Christianity. St Helena has a Bishop residing on the Island. There are three Parishes on St Helena with 11 churches.

St James’ Church in Jamestown is the oldest Anglican Church in the southern
hemisphere, the present building was put up in 1772.

Marine Life

The clear warm waters are homes apart from many others dolphins, hump back whales, whale sharks, devil rays and turtles.


Out of the 60 native species of plant, 45 occur nowhere else in the world an example of such is the white ebony flower and out of 1100 land invertebrates 400 of these are specifically distinctive to St Helena an example of such is the wirebird and Jonathan the oldest living vertebrate.

Food and Drink

Some of the famous dishes on the island are the traditional British Sunday roast, curry, black pudding, pumpkin stew and spicy fishcakes. Fish, rice and spices are some of the island’s staple foods.

St Helena is famous for its coffee and the island produces a unique distilled drink called Tungi Spirit.

Things to do

  • Sport fishing
  • Snorkelling
  • Diving
  • Hiking
  • Abseiling
  • Mountain biking
  • Guided walks
  • Relaxing on Sandy Beach

Places of interest

  • Jacobs Ladder (699 steps)
  • Napoleon’s Tomb
  • Napoleon’s House
  • Heart shaped waterfall
  • Plantation House
  • Diana’s Peak (823m above sea level)
  • Longwood House
  • The Museum of St Helena

About Us


The Company

Saint Helena Corporation PLC ‘SHCPLC’ was incorporated on 08 July 2015 with the broad aims as follows:

  • Consistent with UK government policy, participating in the development of the British Overseas Territory, Saint Helena Island, with the project including Property Development & Visitor Centre Development, Hotel development.
  • In order to foster good relations and buy-in from ‘Saints’ to set aside a special share of the issued share capital of SHCPLC, so that Saints can share in the rewards of the projects being undertaken.
  • Eco Power, smart design and carefully constructed buildings, will underpin the developments to reduce the eco-footprint and drain on the limited natural resources of the Island.

Invest in St Helena


St Helena is one of the last untouched paradises on Earth. By Investing with Saint Helena Corporation PLC, you help ensure that the Island is made accessible to the world whilst boosting the local economy & ensuring eco-friendly development.

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